Disney Launchpad & Podcast Update

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Disney is providing 6 lucky directors with the opportunity to bring their stories and visions to the screen. Here is a link to to Disney Launchpad. Application deadline is July 2nd at 12 pm. This is from their site:

The Disney Launchpad: Shorts Incubator is a brand-new opportunity for up to six (6) directors from underrepresented backgrounds to present diverse perspectives, through the production of original, live-action shorts for the proposed initial exhibition on the upcoming streaming service, Disney+.

Artist Bio - IBTrav - Travis Falligant, Character Illustrator
Artist Bio – IBTrav – Travis Falligant, Character Illustrator | http://www.ibtrav.com

My podcast with Travis Falligant is live on My Creative Life.

My plans for this summer are to attend some webinars online. One is for Adobe CC to learn more about the changes for student logins and possible savings. Then I’ve got a webinar for e-Sports.  It is sponsored by Dell. Free to sign up. I’m gathering there may be a tie into selling you some computer equipment to compete with e-Sports. Link Esports for Education by Dell.

I’m teaching a night class for Lightroom and Photoshop for the local university continuing education program. Then I’m starting graduate school this summer. Lots of things going and I plan to post some of the photos that students color correct on my blog. I’m thinking when I teach my drawing class next time to include my students in the podcast. They were so amazing my drawing students. They are a great group of people. Amazing stories to share. Super excited to teach that class in the Fall. Maybe Sept. 2019.

Macbook PRO 2015 i7 Core, 16GB RAM, and 512GB SSD

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I purchased the macbook 2015 from ebay. It was a refurbished model, and I’ve been really enjoying it. I did a lot of reading of reviews. I didn’t want to purchase the newest version, because it was so costly for the SSD drive. I wanted at least 500 GB. I really wanted 1 TB, but that was going to be WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. My macbook 2015 runs pretty quickly and starts up fast. It does throttle and it gets hot. Overall I’m happy with my purchase. I love the trackpad! Feels great! I read the new macbook they were missing ports, and then issues with the keyboards. I spent $1120 for mine. It had Apple care included and I got Final Cut Pro. I will keep you posted on it continues to work.

Photoshop CC

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I just saw a youtube video by Brad Colbow on how Photoshop is raising their subscription rates.

I use Photoshop all of the time. Luckily I can afford the entire Creative Suite. I agree with the video content by Brad Colbow regarding how Adobe really hooked people on the lower subscription price and now they are raising their rates.

I’ve been hearing slowly that designers are trying Affinity Designer and some of their other products for their design work. I don’t think I’d be able to justify crossing over, but I’m thinking about paying for the software to try and see what it is like. At $19.99 it is reasonable, and you don’t have to do a subscription. Schools just don’t like the subscription model because they see that you have to upgrade and pay the cost every year.

I’m thinking about downloading and trying it. If anyone has tried it love to hear what they think of the software.

Graphic Design Wk 11

I’ve started having my students create their own logo designs for their own personal brand or a company they would like to own in the future. I had them fill out a worksheet that I created and then I have them create their own mind map that connects to them. It is like a mood board that lets you see how things are related to each other. Then they are going to create sketches, and then create the logo in Adobe Illustrator.

My students this semester have a stronger sense I think of what they want to do already. I’m curious to see what the final results will be. They will turn the logos into stickers. We will also create a line of products to put their logo on.



Animation Wk 10


I started having students use Adobe Animate CC to create a bouncing character. It’s a lot like the bouncing ball animation we did in Photoshop CC 2019 at the beginning of the year. Next year I feel more confident about having students work mainly in Adobe Animate. It took me time to build up my own confidence. I feel like after teaching this for the 3rd semester I feel way better about understanding what is working and what isn’t. I’m sure there will still be things I need to learn, but the on the job training and working with my students is bring back all the muscle memory of using it. I’m so much faster at all of this then when I first started.

I gave them an image of the ball character. Then they go step-by-step in recreating it. On Monday we are going to finish creating the character. Tuesday we will starting animating the character in Adobe Animate. It will make more sense when they see how we can make part of the character face animate, but then have the character move in the scene. I’ll have to post some examples when they finish.



Pinterest Pincodes


I noticed on my pinterest account that they added pincodes.  I figured I would try it out. I could see this being a great way to share your lessons and people in the real world. I did a workshop once at the Georgia Art Educators Association in Macon, GA, and I had 75 attendees. That’s a lot and then I realized all the teachers wanted digital resources of the lesson I taught this would be a great way to hand out a card with the code and then they use the Pinterest Lens to scan it. I think this is something I would print out on a sheet and then folks could scan and then follow the board. I’ve learned more and more about how pinterest is working and I’ve been a fan of it since a good friend of my introduced it to years ago. Teachers in particular are heavy users of it. Just a tip for this this week.

Animation Wk 8

Green screening project is still going on this week. They are due this week. I think it will be due at the end of class Friday. I still need to teach students how to mask themselves and adjust the settings of the mask to get a cleaner looking mask.  This is a good video for ideas for how to make your own green screen. I agree with the idea of having good lighting. It’s not exactly animation but it is fun to do.

Sam Time Green screen

I made a checklist of what they needed to record on the green screen.

  1. Video yourself flying. Using a stool.
  2. Video yourself falling. I had student even lay on the green screen.
  3. Video yourself trapped in a box.
  4. Video yourself lifting something heavy.

Those are just a few ideas.

Animation and Video Club

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 10.51.25 AM

Had about 5 or 6 students show up for a first club meeting. Next Wednesday, they will start learning how to use Adobe Animate CC. I taught that last year with my high school students. It’s a great little 2D vector animation program. I’m going to have them create a 2D characters. Super easy using the primitive shapes. I still have to refresh to remember  how to use some of the tools. It’s one of the things I wished it was easier for me to remember as I get older. I think it will be fun and easy start.

Animation Week 5

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I’m having students learn how to puppet warp in Photoshop. It’s a feature that is in After Effects and I noticed it in Adobe Animate. It’s pretty flexible for creating a puppet from a character you’ve created. I got the playlist up for my flex grouping in one of my larger classes. I split the class into 2 parts. 1 part that can work independently based on what I’ve seen of their 1st day of instruction. Then 2nd day I have them split into 2. One group is with me then I redo what I had taught them previously from beginning to end. I think some of it is that it is difficult for students to follow what I’m doing on screen. I’ve increased the size of my cursor, and I really need to look into seeing if there is an add one to make my cursor larger and blink in Photoshop. On my to do list. Click on the youtube playlist image to watch my playlist.

The boxer I got off of Pexels.com. Free download. Next week they will start their own custom puppet warp animation.



Artivive APP

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I’m super excited to try this with my animation class. I could do this with my graphics/photography class as well. About 4 months ago this app came out called Artivive. I think it takes art into a whole new realm. Animation and video bring a new dimension to the work. The app is available for android or iOS. Free!!! Every art teacher on a budget has got to love it. I’m thinking I’ve taught my animation students how to creating animations in Photoshop and then export as MP4 files. They we print out a frame from the animation then print out the symbol that activates the animation/video when you focus it with the app it plays. Sweet! Their animation will actually play on someone’s phone as long as they have the app. Also with my graphics/photography students we will make cinemagraphs. We print out a frame and then people can actually watch their cinemagraphs. How cool would that be? They are using this in major museums and galleries through out the world. #1 downloaded app in Singapore.


Astropad App


I purchased a Wacom Cintiqu Pro 16″ and it doesn’t disappoint. For $1500 it should be great. I love it, but I was doing more research and if you are on a budget for yourself or a classroom I’d suggest looking into the Astropad app. Many public schools have 1-to-1 iPads for their students. The app allows you to mirror on to you computer what you are doing on your iPad.  If you looking into purchasing the screen protectors that I’ve seen that mimic the feel of paper then you may have something that could really save you bucks. I honestly haven’t tried it but if you figure a 2018 iPad starts at $400 and then $100 for the apple pencil. The Astropad app costs $29.99. There is another app I read about called Duet Pro.  Then there is a company called PaperLike for the screen protector costs $29.

I’ve never used the products, but if you have a small budget and you want students to learn animation I really think it is MUCH easier using some type of screen they can draw on. It’s one thing if you are doing illustration. That is just 1 image. Animation requires multiple images and they you have to consider students are learning in more than 2 dimensions.  They have to understand the image height, width, and time.  Then if it is 3D you are looking at understanding height, width, depth, and time.  It saves time if you can just draw on the screen live.

I think the tech is getting more and more affordable. But as they say you pay for what you get. I’m glad that I went with the Wacom instead of another brand. I’ve always used Wacom for my design/illustration work. When working with a budget the above maybe something to consider. If anyone has used those products would love to hear your thoughts. I am thinking about purchasing PaperLike for my own iPad because nothing beats the feel of drawing on paper. I’ll let you know if I purchase it.

Canon imageClass Laser Printer


Here is a review I’m writing for a color laser printer. I purchased a Canon imageClass Laser Jet Printer for the computer lab.41m0fuxq+el

This was a great replacement laser jet color printer for my classroom. The old one was an HP and the colors printed super dark. I’ve been using the Canon and I’d like to get one for myself. I really like how the colors print. They are vibrant and if I could just find some glossy stock that works with a laser printer I think don’t need to worry about using the inkjet printer. If I found a glossy stock for laser jet I will let you all know. If you know of a glossy stock that works with laserjets please comment!