4.11 and 4.12 John and Linda Jensen, Artists and Educators


John Jensen in his studio working on a piece inspired by Japanese mythology.

I had the opportunity to visit the studio of John and Linda Jensen. They are two generous art professors and fine artists. I have to say the put the “FINE” in fine arts. Truly fine people. Both are highly prolific creators in their own discipline. John Jensen is a ceramic artist. During my art education classes at Armstrong Atlantic State University I was required to take ceramics. Armstrong is now know as Georgia Southern University (GSU). I am so glad I did. He not only taught me a great deal about ceramics, but as teacher creating a great classroom culture. When you walk into his class you see a diversity in the age and abilities of the students and he encourage and teaches in a way that connects with each person. That’s really hard to do as a teacher. His classroom had a zen like quality to it, and it made you want to spend as much time as possible in the studio learning. Mr. Jensen ceramic pieces vary from thrown pieces that are delicately carved to full-size sculptures memorializing his friends and family members. He is constantly experimenting and even motorizing movement in some of his pieces.

Ceramic pieces by John Jensen.


Linda Jensen in her studio and one of her pieces in progress.

Mrs. Linda Jensen is a photographer and retired art professor. She has taught art education and photography classes at GSU. I can only describe her work as beautiful ethereal photographic mixed media pieces. She has a collection of beads in every imaginable color. She has carefully experimented and perfected her materials and techniques to create these icons of her former students, family, and friends. My photographs do not do justice to the colors in the original pieces.

Mrs. Jensen’s piece Theone Karatassos a portrait of a student,
and photos of inside her studio space.

I decided to release both their interviews, because I couldn’t decide who to go with first. They are both such facinating artists in their own right. Their journey to becoming artists and teachers was amazing to listen to. Looking at their work gives the viewer a glimpse into their minds and hearts, and this is something I feel like I would want to explore more in my own work.


Here is his webpage on the Savannah Clay Community to see more of his art.
Savannah Clay Community John Jensen
New Georgia Encyclopedia

To see more of Linda Jensen’s work visit
Lens Culture

Article about both their work.

Listen to their inteviews on My Creative Life.

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4.10 Bunyan Morris, Artist

I decided I need to speak with the art teacher that inspired two of my previous guests to pursue the arts for a career. I interviewed Bunyan Morris retired art teacher and artist based out of Statesboro. Here is a bit about Bunyan.
Bunyan Morris has over thirty years of experience as a visual artist and public school art educator. The majority of his teaching career was spent as a high school visual art teacher. In this position, he taught studio classes in painting, drawing, multi-media, ceramics, and Advanced Placement studio art. Throughout his career, he has created and studied art. “Recently, I have been experimenting with color to create nature-inspired non-objective paintings and wearable art. The images are automatic and come from my psyche. I work with the compositions so that the paintings can be viewed equally from all four directions. The wearable art objects evolved from the paintings.”
To see more of his work visit:
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4.09 Deena Scarborough, Art Teacher

In this episode of My Creative Life, I had the opportunity to speak with Deena Scarborough a long time art teacher friend from Bulloch Co. Deena has taught every grade level under the sun and she does it with a positive disposition. Please enjoy this episode! 

Here is a link about the mural that she and her students are working on for their community.
Listen to the interview at My Creative Life.

4.06 Rita Tu, Illustrator



Rita Tu is a freelance illustrator based out of NJ, and an MFA Illustration grad from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She has won numerous awards in the field of illustration. We talked on this episode of My Creative Life about her career.
To see more of Rita’s work
Visit RitaTu.com or IG @RitaTu
Listen to the interview at My Creative Life.

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4.03 Josh Cleland Freelance Illustrator



I had the pleasure of interviewing Josh Cleland a freelance illustrator based out of Portland, Oregan. Here is a little bit about Josh.  Since 2009 I’ve been creating high-quality, fun illustrations for clients all over the world including Highlights for Children magazine, Storytime magazine, Pinterest, and Wieden & Kennedy. My whimsical illustrations can be found in picture books, billboards, iOS apps, album covers, websites, my parents’ fridge, posters, newsletters, animations and more.
To see more of his work visit.


Episode 2.08 Reema Zoumut, Animation/Graphic Design/Photo Teacher

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 8.41.36 AMScreen Shot 2019-07-17 at 8.41.57 AMPhoto 61_ Myself_ edited
In this episode 2.08 I had the honor of interviewing Reema Zoumut, or “Mrs. Z” as she is fondly called by her students. Her teaching career spans 30 yrs and she teaches high school animation, graphic design, and photography. I’m very fortunate that a little over 2 years ago I google searched animation teachers, and her name comes up at the top of the list. Reema helped me create my own animation pathway from sharing her extensive knowledge in education and art. Her website at her high school is a great resource for those interested in teaching digital media.  Her students have gone on to work for major game industry companies such as Blizzard. Sorry the audio quality is not the best. We had some tech issues, so had to record via cell phone.
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Episode 2.07 Sylvia Strand, Visual Artist


On this episode 2.07 I have Sylvia Strand, an artist based out of the Atlanta that does commission work. I happen to meet Sylvia while I was pursuing my Art Education Certificate at Armstrong Atlantic State University. Sylvia has great work and has created an art business so we caught up and discussed how she got it going.

To see more of Sylvia’s work visit her on or contact her to commission a piece.
Big Top Brush Strokes
Big To Brush Strokes Facebook

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Episode 2.06 Interview Pam McKnight Assemblage Artist

This episode I interviewed Pam Knight, artist based out of Boise, Idaho. Pam was a former art teacher, and transitioned into a full time artist. She creates this amazing assemblages. You can see more of her art work on these social media sites:

To listen to the podcast visit My Creative Life by Nancy Miller

2.05 Interview Jennifer Greive, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Hand Lettering Artist

Today I have my first guest from my Instagram feed, Jennifer Greive. I’ve been following her work for the past year. I came across her from some of the other lettering artists I follow. Her work is super cute, and profession! I feel very fortunate to have her on the podcast. Here is a little about Jennifer. She specializes in t-shirt design, logos, and branding. Her personal brand Fueled By Letters was born from her love for Typography and Hand Lettering. Jennifer started out at a very young age doing illustration which then lead to the world of Graphic Design. Anime got her into design. She attended Stark State College of Technology and The University of Akron receiving both an Associates and Bachelors degree in Graphic Design. Jennifer is available for commissioned work or visit her Etsy store to purchase a digital print.
To see more of Jennifer’s work visit:
Fueled by Lettters
Instagram @Jennifer.Greive
Etsy Fueled by Letters

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2.03 Podcast Interview Marsha Lott


On this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking to Marsha Lott, a watercolor painter and art teacher.  She has taught for over 30 years and has had her work in several galleries. She has traveled as far as Alaska to teach her fabulous watercolor techniques. I’m very fortunate to know her, and she is a generous soul with knowledge and kindness.  She shared her extensive knowledge about getting into galleries and showing at festivals. Thank you for listening!

To see more of Marsha Lott’s work visit her FB page Lott Fine Art & Photography.
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Season 2 Episode 2, Interview with Danielle Brannon, Photographer

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 12.33.56 AMOn Season 2 episode 2, I had the opportunity to interview Danielle Brannon, photographer, in the Statesboro area. She is the photographer for the Averitt Art Center in Statesboro, GA, and a freelance photographer. I met Danielle while teaching in Bulloch County. On top of her photography business, she is an art teacher. I got some great tips on the business of photography and how she balances it all. To see more of Danielle’s photography visit her Instragram @danielle.brannon.photography.

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2 Episode 1 Interview with Whitney Earley, Artist/Teacher

This is Season 2 of My Creative Life. I’m interviewing my friend Whitney Earley, artist and art teacher based out of Ohio. She currently teaches high school. I met Whitney while I was teaching in Bulloch Co, and had loads of laughs with her while attending art teacher conferences and PD. This is here story about her creative life. You can see Whitney’s work on her instagram @whitneyearley.


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