Season 2 Episode 2, Interview with Danielle Brannon, Photographer

On Season 2 episode 2, I had the opportunity to interview Danielle Brannon, photographer, in the Statesboro area. She is the photographer for the Averitt Art Center in Statesboro, GA, and a freelance photographer. I met Danielle while teaching in Bulloch County. On top of her photography business, she is an art teacher. I got … Continue reading Season 2 Episode 2, Interview with Danielle Brannon, Photographer

Graphic Design wk 8

Still working on the same project. I'll be introducing some new photo projects. Taking photos of small people. I bought them originally on Amazon, but they were really small so pay attention to the ratio size. I ended up going to Hobby Lobby so I could see them. Then they will also work on product … Continue reading Graphic Design wk 8

Graphic Design/Photo week 1

The Black Square Problem Student Examples. I did this lesson with my high school students the first full week of graphic design/photo class. Computers were not all working and needed a lesson that students could do off the computers. I think it got them thinking about composition more. I think they made some better photos … Continue reading Graphic Design/Photo week 1