Macbook PRO 2015 i7 Core, 16GB RAM, and 512GB SSD

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I purchased the macbook 2015 from ebay. It was a refurbished model, and I’ve been really enjoying it. I did a lot of reading of reviews. I didn’t want to purchase the newest version, because it was so costly for the SSD drive. I wanted at least 500 GB. I really wanted 1 TB, but that was going to be WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. My macbook 2015 runs pretty quickly and starts up fast. It does throttle and it gets hot. Overall I’m happy with my purchase. I love the trackpad! Feels great! I read the new macbook they were missing ports, and then issues with the keyboards. I spent $1120 for mine. It had Apple care included and I got Final Cut Pro. I will keep you posted on it continues to work.