I’m not going to post lessons this week. I’m in a starting phase next week, and I would like to post some image as well when they are finished. I decided to make a purchase of some new art supplies. I’m teaching a beginning drawing class at Georgia Southern University for the Continuing Edu Classes at Night. They classes are 2 hrs long at once a week. I’m so looking forward to getting back to drawing classes. I do my work digitally now but I really enjoy drawing by hand. I feel like my Wacom Cintiq gets pretty close, but I still love pencil, pen & ink, and watercolor.

I noticed on the website when I was ordering they are doing BOGO’s depends on what you are ordering. I saw it for the Canson XL Mix Media Pads. I like these drawing pads a lot. Own a smaller one, and I use it for pen/ink, watercolor. It doesn’t bleed through. The paper is a strong cold press and has a nice tooth.

There are some Tombow pens that they are also doing a BOGO special when you buy a set. I decided not to get that. I’ll have to wait to invest in the Tombows. I’ve heard great things about their pens.

I will do a video unboxing and try some facebook live video feed when I get my purchase and also try to video record me unboxing everything using my digital camera. We’ll see how that video set up goes. I’ll tell you about the quality of the supplies I got. I think I’ll try and do a demo for the products on my instagram.

I’ve been seeing lots of social media ads for Arteza. I like the look of their products. Never used them, but their watercolor brush pens have been calling my name. Stay tuned for some art supply reviews. I miss working in traditional media.