Disney Launchpad & Podcast Update

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Disney is providing 6 lucky directors with the opportunity to bring their stories and visions to the screen. Here is a link to to Disney Launchpad. Application deadline is July 2nd at 12 pm. This is from their site:

The Disney Launchpad: Shorts Incubator is a brand-new opportunity for up to six (6) directors from underrepresented backgrounds to present diverse perspectives, through the production of original, live-action shorts for the proposed initial exhibition on the upcoming streaming service, Disney+.

Artist Bio - IBTrav - Travis Falligant, Character Illustrator
Artist Bio – IBTrav – Travis Falligant, Character Illustrator | http://www.ibtrav.com

My podcast with Travis Falligant is live on My Creative Life.

My plans for this summer are to attend some webinars online. One is for Adobe CC to learn more about the changes for student logins and possible savings. Then I’ve got a webinar for e-Sports.¬† It is sponsored by Dell. Free to sign up. I’m gathering there may be a tie into selling you some computer equipment to compete¬†with e-Sports. Link Esports for Education by Dell.

I’m teaching a night class for Lightroom and Photoshop for the local university continuing education program. Then I’m starting graduate school this summer. Lots of things going and I plan to post some of the photos that students color correct on my blog. I’m thinking when I teach my drawing class next time to include my students in the podcast. They were so amazing my drawing students. They are a great group of people. Amazing stories to share. Super excited to teach that class in the Fall. Maybe Sept. 2019.