3 Tips for Lab Classroom Management

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This is  my 2nd year teaching in a computer lab. These are a few tips that have helped me out. There wasn’t as much online about this.

  1. Make sure to label all the computers with a number or a letter. I got this from a teacher friend of mine. Klarson Blog   Why do this? Well it really helps when you don’t know the students very well and you can tell them sit at #9 and not offend anyone because you can’t remember their name. As I get older harder to remember names. I also do assigned seating and that helps to remember who is sitting at which computer. Also when you have to contact your IT dept they will know which computer is having issues.  Here is an image of my current seating chart. There are 8 classes per day (A-H) and then I have 18 computers in the lab. Then I put the student’s name under the correct period and the computer #.screen shot 2019-01-05 at 11.12.55 am
  2. Make students give you an ID for when they check things out. I had a hard time remember who had the head phones or who has a wacom tablet out. Then I started taking the student’s ID while they are using it. The two high schools I’ve taught at require students to carry a student ID.
  3. Slowing down. I used to try and rush starting things, and realized if things aren’t working in the lab technology wise. Just take it slower. I’m having students do hands on projects. Spend more time talking and critiquing till IT has time to come in and fix the issues. Helps vary things up a little. Be patient.

That’s it for today. I’m going to try and blog once a week about what I’m having students work or any other tech tips.

Pop Art Crayons for Classroom


Back in the day when I taught elementary art I would put these large size crayons I made above each group of students’ table. I had 4 students to teach table. That way I could do my seating chart. I no longer teach elementary school, but wanted to share how I made these. The end of the crayon is just a styrofoam cup that I got for free from the lovely lunchroom ladies. The body of the crayon is just a piece of poster board wrapped into a cylinder. I stuffed the cylinder with old newspaper so that it would hold it shape. Then I glued the cup and the body together using hot glue. I would make the cylinder slightly smaller then the opening of the cup so it would fit tight. Then I would close the end off by hot gluing on a poster board circle at the bottom. Then I would paint the crayons, and use construction paper for a wrapper. The color names I made those in Adobe Indesign. I’m including a PDF to download if you would like to use them. I really think it helped me with the volume of student in elementary to have a seating chart for attendance and for behavior. I placed my son’s guitar next to it so you could get a sense of the size.


I really think more art education programs focused on classroom management. Though lessons are important, but if you don’t have good management nothing is going to get taught. It’s really about having protocol. People in general do better when they know what to expect and how things are run.

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To download click crayon_colorsNEW copy

Freebie Saturday

I hope to have this as a regular thing. A freebie for an item for a couple of weeks and then I will turn it into a paid item. So try and get it while you can.

Puppy Behavior Worksheet

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Description: I’ve use this worksheet with my elementary kiddos to have them think about their behavior when they are in time out. Instead of a student sitting in the corner doing nothing they can work on a coloring sheet and thinking about their behavior in art class. I’ve used with PreK-2nd grade. You can have them turn it over and write an apology note. I also used it as documentation. Included is a PDF file.