3.01 Blair Hartman, Artist

  I can't believe I am on Season 3. I have been doing some hiatus between every 13 episodes. I decided to do with the TV industry does. I love interviewing my artist friends. I learn so much. I had the pleasure of interviewing Blair Hartman, an artist based out of Statesboro, GA. We meet … Continue reading 3.01 Blair Hartman, Artist

Navigate Reflection

Standard B: The online teacher understands and is able to use a range of technologies, both existing and emerging, that effectively support student learning and engagement in the online environment. Standard I: The online teacher demonstrates competency in using data from assessments and other data sources to modify content and to guide student learning. Standard K: The online … Continue reading Navigate Reflection

Navigate 3- LMS Tool Categories

Explore: Identify the major tool categories in Learning Management Systems.   Answer in your blog: What are the most relevant features offered within an LMS?  Which features directly relate to effective online instruction?  How might you use these features in the online classroom environment? The features that I find that are most relevant in the … Continue reading Navigate 3- LMS Tool Categories

Navigate 2 – LMS Trends

Which trend did you select? I selected Gamification vs. Game-Based Learning. How do you foresee this trend impacting online learning? Students enjoy the game-based learning. There is immediate feedback on how students are learning and progressing. I've used Quizlet, Quizizz, and Kahoot. Students love playing those games in order to remember skills from classes. I … Continue reading Navigate 2 – LMS Trends

Navigate 2 – Tools for Deciding on an LMS

Which LMS is best?  Consolidate the information about open and commercial LMS presented in this lesson.  Select your favorite LMS After reading The Journal article on LMS, I selected Canvas. The site was easy to set up a free account to sample. I had used it previously while working in Liberty County. This system provides … Continue reading Navigate 2 – Tools for Deciding on an LMS