Kyles Brushes Munch

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Just found this video from Adobe. Kyle Webster has created an amazing set of brushes that mimic the look of Munch’s brush strokes. I’ve been playing around with creating my own brushes for my graduate class in illustration. It’s been a lot of fun. These are FREE! Here is the link to the Kyles Munch Brushes video, and in the description box is the link to download the brushes. Happy Painting!

Season 2 Episode 2, Interview with Danielle Brannon, Photographer

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 12.33.56 AMOn Season 2 episode 2, I had the opportunity to interview Danielle Brannon, photographer, in the Statesboro area. She is the photographer for the Averitt Art Center in Statesboro, GA, and a freelance photographer. I met Danielle while teaching in Bulloch County. On top of her photography business, she is an art teacher. I got some great tips on the business of photography and how she balances it all. To see more of Danielle’s photography visit her Instragram

Thanks for listening!

2 Episode 1 Interview with Whitney Earley, Artist/Teacher

This is Season 2 of My Creative Life. I’m interviewing my friend Whitney Earley, artist and art teacher based out of Ohio. She currently teaches high school. I met Whitney while I was teaching in Bulloch Co, and had loads of laughs with her while attending art teacher conferences and PD. This is here story about her creative life. You can see Whitney’s work on her instagram @whitneyearley.


Listen to the podcast at My Creative Life.

Podcast Episode 13 – Interview Nikita Prokhorov, Graphic Designer

62372231_439182943532593_8643443248783687680_nMy next interview is with Nikita Prokhorov. I met Nikita, 13 yrs ago at Scuba Diving Magazine. He filled in for me while I was on maternity leave. He had just finished his MFA in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Nikita has some beautiful design work and I’ve been watching is an evolution of his work on his Instagram TypebyNikita.

Here is a link to the podcast on My Creative Life Episode 13.

Below is a little bit more about him.

Nikita is an NYC-based lettering artist, graphic designer, and design professor. His minimalist style reflects an admiration for work such as pure marks by Stefan Kanchev and beautiful typography of Doyald Young. As one happy client put it, ‘his work is conceptual, clean, and the reasoning behind every design decision is crystal clear.’ Focusing mainly on logotypes and lettering, Nikita has worked on a variety of design projects for local and international clients. He is an ambigram expert that has taught several ambigram workshops–in addition to having written a book about ambigrams. Nikita’s work has been featured in multiple design books and websites.

His love of bad puns and jokes is second only to his love of type. To pass the time between projects, he reads, scuba dives, skydives, wingwalks, skis (not very gracefully), and travels. He thinks that writing about himself in third person is a bit strange, but he has gotten used to it.

Disney Launchpad & Podcast Update

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Disney is providing 6 lucky directors with the opportunity to bring their stories and visions to the screen. Here is a link to to Disney Launchpad. Application deadline is July 2nd at 12 pm. This is from their site:

The Disney Launchpad: Shorts Incubator is a brand-new opportunity for up to six (6) directors from underrepresented backgrounds to present diverse perspectives, through the production of original, live-action shorts for the proposed initial exhibition on the upcoming streaming service, Disney+.

Artist Bio - IBTrav - Travis Falligant, Character Illustrator
Artist Bio – IBTrav – Travis Falligant, Character Illustrator |

My podcast with Travis Falligant is live on My Creative Life.

My plans for this summer are to attend some webinars online. One is for Adobe CC to learn more about the changes for student logins and possible savings. Then I’ve got a webinar for e-Sports.  It is sponsored by Dell. Free to sign up. I’m gathering there may be a tie into selling you some computer equipment to compete with e-Sports. Link Esports for Education by Dell.

I’m teaching a night class for Lightroom and Photoshop for the local university continuing education program. Then I’m starting graduate school this summer. Lots of things going and I plan to post some of the photos that students color correct on my blog. I’m thinking when I teach my drawing class next time to include my students in the podcast. They were so amazing my drawing students. They are a great group of people. Amazing stories to share. Super excited to teach that class in the Fall. Maybe Sept. 2019.