GA Sales and Use Taxes

Feb. 2018. It seems to me there isn't anything specific out there to tell you how to get a Georgia Sales and Use taxes. I need one because I want to sell a product online and at craft fairs in the state I live in. I went ahead and signed up with the GA Tax … Continue reading GA Sales and Use Taxes

Budgeting and Business

I realized I never did this before because I never really treated my design and illustration work as a real business. I never did a budget. I do a personal budget for my final. I realized after reading and listen to so many vlogs about home businesses that this is really important. I did a … Continue reading Budgeting and Business

Calligrabasics Instagram

This was super cool! I got featured on #calligrabasics for my Namaste. I love the lettering by the other featured artists. @airyfairyletters @kaish_calli @maddy_letters It makes me feel like maybe I'm going in the right direction for my work. Lettering has been too much fun and I'm continuing to learn and grow. #namaste #handlettering #lettering … Continue reading Calligrabasics Instagram